A Game Of Thrones Fan-Favorite Will Star In Marvel's Inhumans

We've known for a while now that Marvel's Inhumans would be moving forward as a TV series. The project has already hired Dexter alum Scott Buck as the showrunner on the new project, and this week it looks like Inhumans is moving forward at an even faster rate. The show has found one of its lead actors, and it's a wonderfully notorious Game of Thrones fan-favorite that folks just love to hate. Iwan Rheon, who formerly played Ramsay Bolton on the HBO fantasy epic is now set to play the role of Maximus on Marvel's developing Inhumans show.

Marvel.com has officially made the exciting casting announcement, confirming the Welsh actor as the first member of the Inhuman royal family that will be at the center of the series. At this time, there are very few details available regarding what we can expect from the character or really the show as a whole, but if the comics are any indication, Iwan Rheon's part should eventually develop to become one of the series' main antagonists - and Maximus is the power-hungry sort who doesn't love the fact that his older brother, Black Bolt, sits on the throne.

iwan rheon in marvel's inhumans

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as one of the original Inhumans introduced in 1966, Maximus Boltagon - a.k.a. Maximus The Mad - is one of the most powerful members of his alien society. Like the other Inhumans, he was given abilities after being exposed to the alien Terrigen Mist, and specifically possesses a genius intellect and is a remarkable inventor. As noted in the official press release, he is extremely loyal to the people of Attilan - the secret city where Inhumans live - but is distracted by his desire to be the king. It's very possible that he won't fully appear to be a villain at the start of the series, but his antagonist nature will almost surely show itself before the first run of episodes is done.

Iwan Rheon, who previously got a taste of the superhero world starring in the British television series Misfits, is the first actor to officially sign on to be in Inhumans, though many more casting announcements are expected in the coming weeks and months. After all, there is currently a plan in place to have the show make its big debut this fall, meaning that production is going to have to start up very soon. As a result, if you're a fan you might want to pay close attention here on the site, as it likely won't be long until we learn who will be playing the other major players in the show - including Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon and more.

As of now, Inhumans is set to be delivered in rather epic fashion later this year, as Marvel Studios has made a deal with IMAX to have a special presentation of the show's first two episodes. Beginning in September, the first couple hours of the show will be available to audiences for a two-week run on IMAX screens nationwide - followed up by the network premiere on ABC. Because we are fascinated by any and all thing Marvel Cinematic Universe-related here on CinemaBlend, we will be keeping a very close eye on the development of the show, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates!

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