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How Game Of Thrones' Ramsay Bolton Thinks The Character Should Die

At this point in Game of Thrones’ run, audiences have seen all forms of emotionally driven subject matter, and many of the most horrifying sequences didn’t even end with a death. Just think of almost every scene that has Ramsay Bolton in it and you’ll know what I mean. As it happens, viewers aren’t the only ones that want to Ramsay to go out in a blaze of non-glory. The actor that portrays him, Iwan Rheon, also wants him to die a horrible death, although he’d probably like to keep earning a paycheck for as long as possible first.

Rheon spoke with Wales Online about all things Ramsay, from the heinous things he’s done to…well, the other heinous things he’s done. And when prompted to talk about how he’d like to see the character meet his maker, the actor has some pretty awesome words to say.

It could happen at any time, that’s the nature of the show – no one’s really safe. That said, I’ve just bought a flat in London so I hope that day doesn’t come too soon. But that day is definitely coming, no mistake about it – and I hope when it does it’s epically nasty, and preferably dragon-related. He needs to go out with a bang. God knows I don’t want him to become a White Walker.

I need a little decompression after this. First, Ramsay definitely does need to experience one of the most bitterly disgusting and ruthless death scenes in Game of Thrones history. Of all the sins he has been guilty of, though, I think this GIF may be the most damaging.


Anyway, It would be supremely amazing to see Ramsay get burnt from toe to head by a dragon – stopping in the midsection for a while – and then eaten, but that would presumably take his storyline crossing over with Dany’s, and I don’t see that happening any time soon. Although I’d gladly accept some major story turns in order to make it possible.

I also don’t think that a dead Ramsay would ever have the chance of becoming a White Walker, but that would be the one way to make his character even scarier. Last week’s episode showed us just how epic the White Walkers are as threats, and we don’t need to see one who uses rape and castration as a main form of attack.

Speaking of, Rheon also talked about that controversial scene and the troubles he had going through with it along with Sophie Turner. But, like he joked, he’s not the one that wrote it.

How would you guys like to see Ramsay Bolton bite the dust?

Nick Venable
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