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When Nic Cage Crashed A Nic Cage Movie Marathon, Things Got Nuts

Every year the Alamo Drafthouse hosts a Nicolas Cage movie marathon to celebrate the birth of one of our most off-the-wall actors. This year's marathon was crazier than usual because Cage himself was in attendance.

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Nicolas Cage And David Gordon Green Reconnect With Heavy Drama In New 'Joe' Trailer

Cage stars as the marquee-named Joe Ransom, a wound-up fella with a dark past weighing down his already hunched shoulders. His job isn’t exactly legal, but he takes on the help of a young boy named Gary (Tye Sheridan) whose home life isn’t something you’d wish on a passing enemy.

Nicolas Cage Gets Bearded And Serious In First Look At David Gordon Green's Joe

Fresh off a successful Sundance debut for his made-on-the-sly Prince Avalanche, David Gordon Green is once again stepping up to a festival with a film we'd barely heard about-- and this time, Nicolas Cage is involved. News broke last fall that Cage, along with The Tree of Life and Mud star Tye Sheridan

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The Tree Of Life's Tye Sheridan To Co-Star With Nicolas Cage In Joe

Director David Gordon Green needed a young male actor to star opposite Nicolas Cage in the upcoming drama Joe and it would seem that he has found one. Tye Sheridan, who made his acting debut in Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life, has signed on to the drama, which is being produced by Worldview Entertainment.

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Nicolas Cage To Star In David Gordon Green's Joe

David Gordon Green has spent the last few years making silly comedies like Pineapple Express, Your Highness and The Sitter (not to mention episodes of the HBO series Eastbound & Down), but now the George Washington filmmaker is heading back into more serious material. He's currently in the midst of developing a remake of Dario Argento's Suspiria and now he's found a star for his gritty, southern drama Joe.

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Will Smith May Play An Updated Version Of Job

The whole "fate of the world is at stake" thing makes it sound like the usual Will Smith action thing, but the rest of it sounds a little more personal, like maybe Seven Pounds but actually good. It's unclear when Smith might actually get around to making the movie

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