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Emma Stone And Jonah Hill Are Doing A TV Show Together, Here's What We Know

It’s not everyday that movie stars sign on to lend their acting prowess to a regular gig on a television show, but that very thing has just happened for the half hour dark comedy, Maniac.

Elijah Wood's Psychological Horror Maniac Gets A Limited Edition VHS Release From Mondo

Sure, it’s a gimmick like anything else, but it’s one of the more fitting gimmicks I can think of. Maniac, starring Elijah Wood as the mentally troubled Frank, is the kind of movie that probably never would have been made in the pre-DVD era, given its ridiculously dark tone and gory splendor. Khalfoun obviously made the film with a bigger budget than one would have had back then as well, so it looks quite slick throughout. I have to wonder how well the film will look transferred to a grainy magnetic tape.

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New Zealand Bans Elijah Wood Movie Maniac

This ruling also means the movie will not be available for sale later on DVD within the country. However, the horror-thriller will be allowed to screen within film festival settings, such as the New Zealand International Film Festival, where its slated to show soon.

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Elijah Wood Gets Crazy In Creepy New Maniac Trailer

Scripted by Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes), Grégory Levasseur, and C.A. Rosenberg, Maniac stars Wood as Frank, the quiet, withdrawn owner of a mannequin shop who begins to fall for a young artist.

Elijah Wood Gets Violent In Red Band Trailer For Maniac

When you think back to Elijah Wood's part in Robert Rodriguez's Sin City it's a lot easier to imagine him as a psychotic, blood-thirsty, cannibalistic killer and not just that kid from Flipper and Frodo from The Lord of the Rings. He has played other unstable characters since, most notably in the FX series Wilfred, but now he's back to doing it on the big screen as the lead in Franck Khalfoun's remake of William Lustig's Maniac.

Elijah Wood Lands Serial Killer Role In Maniac

After the insanely successful The Lord of the Rings films, Elijah Wood had a problem. After playing the wide-eyed Hobbit Frodo for three films, he was in serious danger of being typecast. If he didn't act quickly, he could be consigned to a future full of family films or acting opposite singing puppets. His solution? A turn in Sin City as the demented, mute serial killer/cannibal Kevin.

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