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The Live Action Pokemon Movie Has Cast Its Pikachu

After gathering its two human leads, the live action Pokemon movie has found the actor who will bring Pikachu to life.

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The Live Action Pokemon Movie Has Found Its Lead Actress

With the live action Pokemon movie's male lead already accounted for, the production appears to have found its leading actress.

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The Live Action Pokemon Movie Has Cast Its First Star

With the live action Pokemon movie moving closer to production, we've finally learned who the first starring actor will be..

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The New Pokemon Movie Has A Bizarre Pikachu Twist

A new Pokemon anime movie is currently playing in theaters, and it's filled with a bizarre twist involving Ash Ketchum's Pikachu.

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Which Exclusive Pokemon Will Be In Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon

Which Pokemon can only be captured in Ultra Sun and which ones can only be found in Ultra Moon?

What The Live Action Pokemon Movie May Be About

The fact that a live-action Pokemon movie is on the way should be a surprise to nobody. However, we are still a little shocked about the form the movie is taking. Now we have some potential new details about the film's plot.

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Who The Pokemon Movie May Be Eyeing To Play Pikachu

A live action Pokemon movie is on the way, and the production reportedly is considering some big names to voice its electrically-charged mascot, the world famous Pikachu.

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A New Pokemon Is Available At Build-a-Bear

Yet another Pokemon fan favorite has been added to the Build-a-Bear roster, giving folks in desperate need of cuddling a chance to curl up with a fiery plush companion.

Pokemon Game Tournaments Will Have New Rules Next Year

If you're a tournament goer for Pokemon games and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of other Pokemon trainers, you'll be pleased (or disappointed?) to know that there will be some major rule changes starting in 2018 for the video game rendition of the live Pokemon tournaments.

A Free Charizard Is Coming To Pokemon Sun And Moon

Still playing Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon? Well, ahead of the release of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Nintendo decided to roll out a free Charizard for gamers to get their hands on for the Nintendo 3DS role-playing games.

Could Pokemon Ever Go To A Non-Nintendo Console?

One of the franchises that has been Nintendo's bread and butter for years has been Pokemon. The series has produced a number of smash hits across a variety of Nintendo consoles, but some questions have arisen lately about whether or not Pokemon will continue to be exclusive to Nintendo's platforms?

Pokken Tournament DX Shows Off The New Features

Pokken Tournament came out in 2015 for the Wii U, but we all know the Wii U was on the death throes by the time the game came out. Well, Bandai Namco decided to give the game Pokken Tournament another go on the Nintendo Switch, and a video trailer details what's new in the re-release of the fighting game.

Pokemon Gold And Silver Is Coming Back To Stores, Get The Details

Nintendo's Pokemon cash cow continues to generate interest and hype for the company even when it's just older games being re-released. In fact, that's exactly what's happening with the retail iterations of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver, both of which are coming back to store shelves.

The Most Difficult Pokemon Games To Make, According To The Director

There have been so many Pokemon games over the years that it seems like it would be tough to pinpoint exactly which game gave the developers the toughest time to make. Well, the game director at Game Freak knows exactly the two Pokemon titles that were the most difficult to develop, but not for the reasons you think.

How To Get A Real Life Badge From Pokemon Go

Niantic Labs' Pokemon Go is further bringing the elements of the virtual world into the real world. This recently took shape in the form of certain stores handing out real life Pokemon badges. That's right, you can earn a real life Pokemon badge by playing Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Sun And Moon Adds Four New Mega Stones

For Pokemon players wanting to beef up their roster in Sun and Moon, Nintendo has announced that a collection of four new Mega Stones are being made available in the game. Better still, you don't even have to leave the house to get them.

A New Free Pokemon Is Available For Sun And Moon, Get The Details

Nintendo has managed to land some deals for Pokemon Sun and Moon, enabling gamers to get their hands on a free Pokemon for a limited time as part of an exclusive deal. The new Pokemon can be acquired by carrying out a few simple steps.

The World Video Game Hall Of Fame Adds Four Deserving Titles

The World Video Game Hall of Fame has slowly been adding new titles each year, expanding the compendium of historical information for classic video game titles that changed history. The four games added this time around are definitely deserving titles.

Pokemon Go Is Throwing A Block Party

Nearing its first year anniversary, Pokemon Go continues to add intriguing new components to its otherwise simple gameplay loop of walking and catching virtual monsters. The latest wrinkle the developers at Niantic are throwing into the mix appear to be akin to block parties.

How Pokemon Go's Egg Event Will Change Hatching

It's Easter weekend, so you better believe Niantic is celebrating the occasion with an "Eggstravaganza" event within the popular mobile game, Pokemon Go.

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