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5 Great Regis Philbin Movie Appearances

He's known for TV, but we shouldn't forget these memorable film roles.

Kelly Ripa Shares What Regis Philbin's 'Ultimate Legacy' Will Be Following His Death

Kelly Ripa shared some kind words about her former Live with Regis and Kelly cohost.

David Letterman, Kathie Lee And More Celebs Honor Regis Philbin After His Death

Regis Philbin was a TV staple longer than many of his colleagues had been alive, and he was beloved throughout that time.

TV Icon Regis Philbin Is Dead At 88

TV icon Regis Philbin has passed away.

Watch Regis Philbin's Touching Goodbye To Kathie Lee Gifford On The Today Show

Pour one out for the wine industry, 'cause Kathie Lee Gifford just left the Today show and profits are probably going to tank from here.

The Major Difference Between Regis Philbin And Ryan Seacrest As Co-Hosts, According To Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa has gone through a few co-hosts during her time on Live, and she recently opened up about the difference between hosting with Regis Philbin and Ryan Seacrest.

Regis And Kathie Lee Reunited On The Today Show, And It Was Just Like Old Times

Two of the most recognizable names in daytime TV were Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford thanks to their show Live with Regis and Kathie Lee. They reunited on The Today Show, and it was pretty fabulous. Take a look!

What Happened When Regis Philbin Left Live With Regis And Kelly

Regis Philbin is a legend among talk show hosts, mostly due to his 24 seasons hosting the show that would become Live! with Regis and Kelly by the time he left his duties behind. Now, we know what happened after Philbin quit the gig, and you might be surprised by what he reveals.

David Letterman To Make Late Late Show Appearance, Get The Details

The Late Late Show on CBS is getting a pretty special guest star next week. The Last Show host David Letterman is heading over to the other CBS stage to verbally spar with the guest host before he retires. Should be a good one!

Disappointing: Kelly Ripa And Regis Philbin Don't Speak Anymore

Kelly Ripa and Regis Philbin may have been an incredible team during their decade together on the air, but apparently, they don’t get along quite as famously off the air. In fact, the two apparently haven’t spoken at all since he took his final bow on Live With Regis And Kelly about a year and a half ago.

Regis Philbin May Be Headed For A Talent Show On Primetime

I doubt any of us thought Regis Philbin’s retirement from Live! meant he was gone from the entertainment world forever. Unsurprisingly, the former daytime talk show host is looking at a return to television. At the very least, he’s expressed an interest in it

Kelly Ripa Signs Up For 5 More Years On Live!

They'll need her around, too-- while Regis is gone and no replacement is in place, the show will temporarily be called Live! With Kelly, which works in a pinch but really doesn't have quite the same ring to it. She won't be totally out on her now, though-- Jerry Seinfeld has already been announced as the co-host for next week, and she's got a whole lineup of other guys who have temporarily filled in for Regis in the past

Jerry Seinfeld Is The First Guest Co-Host For Regis-Less Live! With Kelly

Regis Philbin has been on television pretty much since the invention of the medium. Starting with small gigs at The Tonight Show before moving up to become Joey Bishop's assistant (and straight man) on The Joey Bishop Show, Philbin soon found himself in his first ever hosting gig and never looked back. Who could possibly replace the Philbin? While they search, first up in the guest co-host spot is Jerry Seinfeld.

Kelly Ripa Organizing Special To Celebrate Co-Star Regis Philbin

Good for her. The two have long overcome their early hurdles en route to ten years of wonderful success on Live With Regis And Kelly. It seems fitting Ripa would still care enough to honor her co-star

Regis Phlibin Announces His Retirement From Live

After 28 years of chatting with celebrities and smiling at audience members early in the morning, Regis Philbin will be leaving the morning show he created, first with Kathie Lee Gifford and

Regis Philbin Back to Live! Monday, Jan. 4

Come Monday, the Reege will be back for good on Live! With Regis and Kelly. The 78-year old had been out since his hip replacement surgery back on December 1. I know this may say a lot about the morbid state of my mind, but I've started getting nervous when Regis Philbin is off the show, or when he seems a little "off" on the show. He is getting up there in years

ABC Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Regis

Well, you sure can’t accuse him of being lazy. Just days after announcing he was cutting down his hosting duties on Live! With Regis and Kelly to three days a week next season, Regis Philbin has scored another gig. Everybody’s favorite cranky grandpa will be hosting this year’s official Academy Awards pre-show on ABC

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