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The Best Macaulay Culkin Movies And How To Watch Them

From classics like Home Alone to insane turns in Party Monster, here are some of the best Macaulay Culkin movies and how you can watch them.

16 Great Movies Coming To Hulu In November

A slew of good movies are heading to Hulu throughout November. Read on to see our list of the 16 best films, and why each one is worth a spot in your queue!

 Amanda Bynes Vs Mandy Moore: A Full Analysis Of Who Had The Better Career

Mandy Moore and Amanda Bynes. Two seemingly different actresses, but when you put their movies side-by-side, well it starts to become abundantly clear that they were in pretty deep competition back in the 2000s. They both were in the same game when it came to teen, coming-of-age, romantic-comedies. So naturally we have to wonder, who was better at it?

Fetch Me Gently With A Chainsaw: Grading 20 Classic School Movies

Twenty films were selected and each of the Cinema Blend writers were asked to rank them in the following categories: sexiness of the hot girls and guys, awesomeness of the cool kids, relatability of the main characters, overall quoteability and overall rewatchability. The five scores in the aforementioned categories were then averaged together to produce a final number.

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