Mandy Moore and Amanda Bynes. Two seemingly different actresses, but when you put their movies side-by-side, well it starts to become abundantly clear that they were in pretty deep competition back in the early 2000s. The two had different character traits in many of their roles, Mandy Moore falling heavier on the disgruntled, sappy teen side, while Amanda Bynes’ conquered the comedic, quirky. But they both were in the same game when it came to teen, coming-of-age, romantic-comedies. So naturally we have to wonder, who was better at it?

Both broke into the movie industry around the same time, and though Mandy Moore is still going fairly strong while we lost Amanda Bynes to fashion or something like that, the two actresses prime years ranged from 2000-2010. From The Princess Diaries to Easy A, Mandy Moore and Amanda Bynes still rank high on our guilty pleasure movie list, and we owe it to them to figure out who really had the better career. So here we split the competition into 7 categories, the one with the most wins comes out with the title: Best Overall Career.

Best Breakout
Winner: Mandy Moore, The Princess Diaries
Loser: Amanda Bynes, Big Fat Liar

Both Mandy Moore and Amanda Bynes had substantial careers in their early years. Moore with her music, becoming a pop star at the young age of 15, and Bynes with an early Nickelodeon career on All That and then her own series The Amanda Show. The two child stars headed to the big screen around the same time, and while Bynes had a one-up on Moore with an already professional acting career in TV, Moore comes out on top in the Breakout Role category.

Mandy Moore’s role in 2001’s The Princess Diaries may be minor, but it sure does stick out. One of the highlights of The Princess Diaries has to be the "Stupid Cupid" beach scene where Mandy Moore and her popular girl posse get on stage for a sassy number. Amanda Bynes’ breakout in 2002’s Big Fat Liar is not one to be dismissed though. Her role itself may not be quite as memorable as Mandy Moore’s but, as the best friend to Frankie Muniz, Bynes’ holds her own in a hilarious adventure of trickery and wit.

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