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What The Super 8 Cast Is Doing Now

Here's what the cast of J.J. Abrams' Super 8 is doing now, including Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning, and Kyle Chandler.

The Best Movies To Watch On Paramount+ Right Now

A long and comprehensive list that barely scratches the surface of the movie collection on Paramount+.

The Vast Of Night: What To Stream If You Liked The Sci-Fi Movie

We are not alone out here, and these films prove it.

From Star Wars To Mission: Impossible: All of J.J. Abrams' Movies, Ranked

Ahead of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker's release in December, let's take a look back at J.J. Abrams' past films and rank them accordingly, from worst to best.

Why J.J. Abrams Is Done Directing Sequels

With the exception of Super 8, J.J. Abrams has spent the bulk of his career as a director basically continuing big screen universes.

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6 Beloved Sci-Fi Movies We Hope Earth To Echo Takes After

Just in time for the extraterrestrial friendly Fourth of July weekend, Earth To Echo lands in a theater near you on July 2nd. In celebration of Echo's arrival on earth, we'd like to present a list of six films we hope Earth To Echo lovingly uses as influences towards its story and it's approach to film-making.

Does Counterprogramming Work? 11 David Vs. Goliath Box Office Stories

There are few things Hollywood movie studios do more than obsess over release dates. They are put together years in advance like a giant jigsaw puzzle. In theory, you would think every single movie would scratch and claw to get the easiest competition possible, but sometimes, the best thing a flick can do is find the biggest, most splashy entry on the calendar and position itself as counter-programming.

The 10 Most Disappointing Movies Of 2011

There were plenty of movies from this year that I absolutely loved and others that I absolutely hated, but there’s a very special category that exists between both of those ends: the ones that left me utterly disappointed. While I always enter a movie theater hoping to love the hell out of whatever I’m watching, the truth is that there are some films that I spend a lot of time thinking about and anticipating, only to be left frustrated at the end.

Super 8 Casting Associate Discovered To Be A Convicted Child Molester

Much in the way that parents likely hope to send their kids to school, or to some extra-curricular activity without having to fear that the adult they’ve left their child with might be a sexual predator, it’s probably a fair assumption to say the same applies to parents of children in the entertainment industry.

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The 2011 Scream Awards Winners: Vampires, Wizards And Swans

The Scream Awards haven’t actually aired yet, so if you’re saving yourself for the awards ceremony, which is set to premiere on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 18th, read no further! For those of you who just want to see which horror, sci-fi and fantasy films took home awards, read on...

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Super 8 Unspools On Blu-Ray And DVD November 22nd

In a summer of super-heroes and sequels, Super 8 stood out. Whether you were on board with J.J. Abrams ode to Spielberg and the "Amblin-style" movies many of us grew up with or not, there's no question that Super 8 was ambitious and original. If it failed, it certainly didn't do so for lack of trying. Thankfully, I'm in the camp that thought it worked remarkably well, so I'm giving thanks that Super 8 has been announced for Blu-ray and DVD this November 22nd.

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Howard Stern's Copy Of Super 8 Leaks Online

In Hollywood, piracy is an unfortunate fact of life nowadays. Hackers and thieves have honed their craft over the years and can generally get a DVD copy of a movie onto the internet not long after the first advance copy gets printed and shipped to whomever it was printed for

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Weekend Box Office - Green Lantern Doesn't Dazzle

Super hero movies are arriving en masse this year with four in theaters so far and one more on the way. The latest, The Green Lantern, hit screens this weekend but in brightest day and blackest night, major profits escaped his sight.

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Bruce Greenwood's Secret Role In Super 8 Revealed

So now that we know Greenwood had a secret role-- and a really major one at that-- where was Abrams stalwart Greg Grunberg? He found a way to include the actor in Star Trek only as a voice, and you'd think among the many townspeople in Super 8 there would have been space for him

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Weekend Box Office - Super 8 Shutters Competition

It's a camera! It's a motel franchise! No! It's the number one movie of the weekend? The top summer fodder tends to be big budget blockbusters. This weekend was devoid of any new major sequel releases and therefore gave rise to a quieter, more original film nabbing first place, despite a low audience turn out.

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Discuss Super 8 With Spoilers And Rate It

After months of secrecy this weekend the world finds out what Star Trek director JJ Abrams’ next movie is all about. Super 8 is unspooling in theaters and the story of a small town under assault by mysterious forces is a piece of Amblin Entertainment nostalgia right out of the E.T. style 80s.

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Katey and Patches discuss Super 8 with spoilers

Super 8 is a movie that's been marketed so heavily based on its surprises that it's almost impossible to really discuss without spoiling it. So I got together with Matt Patches, who liked the film better than I did, to talk it over. Below are the video results.

Operation Kino Podcast #14: Super 8 Reviewed And Nostalgia In Movies Discussed

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This week on Operation Kino we're once again gathered together in the same room, fighting against the forces of New York City noise and unbearable heat to review Super 8. Before that we've got a Lightning Round devoted to childhood summer movies. The tidbits involve some New York City boosterism, Patches finally coming around to Parks & Recreation, the necessary annual celebration of Wet Hot American Summer, and some self-promotion from Dave of the movie he produced, The Four-Faced Liar, which is now on Netflix Instant. And after the review we pick up the ball from Super 8 and talk about nostalgia in movies, how it can be both good and bad when used properly, and how a very strange food metaphor somehow can make sense of it all. We end, as always, with your answers to our lightning round question for dessert-- featured this week are Twitter users @riseb4thefall, @atonaljosh, and everyone who submitted Jurassic Park.

Take a listen below and find all your downloading options; for more from all of us, you can follow Dave (@da7e), David (@davidehrlich or @CriterionCorner), Patches (@misterpatches) and me (@kateyrich) on Twitter.

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00:00-1:24 Lightning Round

1:24-19:30 Tidbits

19:50-38:37 Review: Super 8

39:04-58:45 Segment 3: Nostalgia in movies

58:45-1:03:42 Dessert!

CB Recommends: Super 8 And Other June 10th Weekend Releases

We’ve got two new releases coming up this week, and I haven’t the slightest idea how they’ll fare at the box office. Contrary to what you may have heard, one of them IS a bummer, but the other is showing early promise

Completed Super 8 Viral Video Gives Us Our First View Of The Creature

Over the last few months the Super 8 viral campaign has been running what is called the "Super 8 Editing Room." On the site, viewers could watch parts of a very old Air Force film strip that had been divided into multiple parts. Every few days a new snippet of film would be "found," revealing more of the movie. Today the final clip was found and Yahoo has posted the video in its entirety.

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