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The Breakfast Club Cast: What The Actors Are Doing Now

What are the actors from The Breakfast Club up to now? Let's take a look at the careers of Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson and more.

The Best '80s Movies And How To Watch Them

From Back to the Future to Ferris Bueller's Day Off and everything in between, these are the best '80 movies streaming.

After Cobra Kai: 7 Other 80s Movies That Should Get A TV Show Sequel

Here are a few other '80s movies with sequel series potential.

Home Alone's Uncle Frank And 9 Other Jerks From John Hughes Movies, Ranked

No one has ever written a jerk better than John Hughes.

Back To The Future And 9 More ‘80s Roles Tom Holland Would Have Been Perfect For If Time Travel Worked
The Best Movies On Starz Right Now

Hey guys, remember premium channels? Yeah they still exist and Starz has a ton of great movies available to stream.

Booksmart And 12 Other Coming-Of-Age Movies To Stream Or Rent Online

Coming of age movies can make growing up a lot more funny.

11 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In September 2018

Ready for next month's best Netflix picks? Wait no longer.

Wonder Woman 1984 Created A Cool Tribute To The Breakfast Club

Wonder Woman 1984 paid tribute to the John Hughes film that remains an iconic movie in a decade full of them.

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Tyga Opens Up About Kylie Jenner Breakup

Tyga is telling it all now that his relationship with Kylie Jenner is a thing of the past.

The 25 Films The National Film Registry Has Chosen To Preserve For 2016

Another 25 films have been named to the National Film Registry's slate of films to protect, and this one's the most exciting yet! Read on to get the details.

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Watch A Passionate Tribute To 120 Years Of Movie Kisses

We’ve been making movies for over 100 years and in that time many things have happened on screen. One thing that has been with us since nearly the dawn of cinema is the kiss.

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The Reason Judd Nelson Hated The Brat Pack Label

Whether or not you grew up in 1980’s, if you’re a movie fan the name “The Brat Pack” is likely known to you. It was the name given to a group of young, up and coming, actors who starred in movies like The Breakfast Club and St. Elmo’s Fire.

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The 10 Best High School Movies Of All Time, Ranked

No matter your age, there’s always one high school movie that sticks out as a pivotal moment in movie viewing pleasure. High school movies reach cult status for various reasons, but beyond coming-of-age story that they tell, they can relate to multiple facets of one’s life, or can act as a nostalgic picture that reminds us just how much you grow up after those four defining years.

Why Rick Moranis Was Fired From The Breakfast Club

As The Breakfast Club, John Hughes’ groundbreaking comedic teen drama celebrates its 30th anniversary with an upcoming digitally remastered re-release, it’s fun to reflect on certain aspects of the film that could have been, but never was. Most notably, was the fact that iconic comedy actor, Rick Moranis originally had a critical role in the film, only to see his performance end up on the cutting room floor. Now, it seems we know why.

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The Breakfast Club Originally Had A Very Trashy Nude Scene

Would The Breakfast Club be a different movie with that scene? Would it be better, or worse? It’s hard to tell.

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This Is How The Breakfast Club Will Celebrate Its 30th Anniversary

Today is a rather special day for John Hughes fans. It was on this day exactly 30 years ago that The Breakfast Club first found its way to theaters, delivering teenagers around the world one of the most realistic depictions of high school ever seen on the big screen.

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The Breakfast Club: Watch The Ultimate John Hughes Mash-Up

Do you love John Hughes? Of course you do, what a stupid question. Well, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of The Breakfast Club you should really watch this immense mash-up trailer of all of his films. It's perfect.

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The Steve Jobs Movie Is Looking For Extras With Lots Of Hair

The new Steve Jobs film is not going to feature the typical Silicon Valley look we’ve grown accustomed to. Casting calls are searching for big 80s-inspired hair.

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30 Years Later, Why We Need More Movies Like The Breakfast Club

As The Breakfast Club turns 30, I hope that it rekindles a passion among screenwriters, directors and storytellers to speak to younger audiences on a more human level. Give kids universal stories that stand the test of time because they speak to kids no matter the decade, no matter the generation.

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