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How To Watch The Purge Movies In Order

Properly prepare for The Purge with this watch guide.

How Purge Night Works: The Rules And Other Facts That Apply In The Purge Movies
The Purge Movies Streaming: How To Watch Them Ahead Of The Forever Purge

You can celebrate your love for the Purge movies by streaming them any time of the year

The First Purge Cast: What The Horror Movie Actors Are Doing Now

Here's what the cast of The First Purge is doing now, including Marisa Tomei.

All The Purge Movies, Ranked

When it comes to The Purge movies, which one leads victorious?

12 Movies To Stream If You Like Get Out

Get Out is one of the best horror films in the last couple years, so here are some other movies to watch if you're feeling stuck in the sunken place.

Ranking Every Mainstream Sequel Of 2018

SPOILER WARNING: The following feature contains spoilers for some of the movies discussed. If you haven't seen everything on the list, read at your own risk!

New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In September 2018

Big movies this month, but there are also some great TV programs coming, too!

Mission: Impossible Box Office: Fallout Sets A Record High For The Franchise

The Mission: Impossible franchise has truly aged like a fine wine.

box office
The First Purge Has Crossed A Big Milestone

The Purge franchise gets another victory lap.

Movie News
Equalizer 2 Box Office: The Denzel Washington Sequel Beats Out Mamma Mia 2

It's a neck and neck race, but it looks like The Equalizer 2 is taking the top spot.

box office
Hotel Transylvania Box Office: Summer Vacation Soars, Skyscraper Stumbles

While not the flashiest franchise in the world, the Hotel Transylvania series of movies have been putting up solid box office numbers since 2012, and with the release of the third movie - Genndy Tartakovsky's Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation - they have established yet another winner.

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Why One First Purge Actor Didn't Watch The Movies Before Filming

One of the franchise's newcomers hadn't seen any of the previous Purge films prior to his role in the prequel.

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Ant-Man And The Wasp Box Office: Marvel Studios Has Its 20th Number One Hit In A Row

There is no question that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest franchise running in Hollywood, and that brand has only grown stronger with the release of Peyton Reed's Ant-Man And The Wasp.

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How Much The First Purge Made Opening Night

The First Purge is the fourth installment in the franchise, and the pressure is on for it to deliver at the box office, and hopefully herald in another sequel.

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The First Purge’s Reviews Are Up, Here’s What Critics Think

The fourth film in the franchise that takes us back to the beginning of the holiday of carnage opens this Independence Day. Here's what the critics are saying about it.

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Ant-Man And The Wasp And The First Purge Reviews

With June now being over we've reached the halfway point in 2018, and thus far there's been no bigger success than Marvel Studios.

10 Big Movies Heading To Theaters In July

Prepare for a busy July with 10 brand new blockbusters heading your way!

Why The First Purge Is Rated R

The First Purge has officially received an R rating from the MPAA, and we know the reasons why.

Movie News
14 Huge Movies Coming To Theaters This Summer

There's an avalanche of movies set to debut in theaters over this summer. These are the big ones that you need to keep an eye on.

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