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John Candy Was A Lot Like Uncle Buck, According To His Daughter

Of all the characters he played, John Candy was most similar to his character from Uncle Buck.

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Uncle Buck Cancelled By ABC, Will Not Return For Season 2

TV remakes of big screen movies are not known for being long-lasting and massive successes, and ABC earned quite a bit of flak during its lengthy attempt to spin the beloved John Hughes' comedy Uncle Buck into a weekly comedy, and now that comedy has been cancelled after just four weeks of episodes.

Uncle Buck Review: ABC's New Comedy Boasts A Great Cast But Little Of The Film's Charm

Sometimes it's readily obvious why a studio will resurrect a movie or TV show for modern audiences to enjoy, but ABC's reimagining of Uncle Buck doesn't feel like more than a well-cast attempt for the network to copy all of its other family programming.

Every TV Remake, Reboot, Prequel And Continuation In The Works Right Now

A ton of remakes, reboots and continuations are still in the works for TV audiences everywhere. Some of these may ultimately pull a Coach and never live to see the light of day, but we have high hopes for others. You can check out the list of upcoming reboots et all in the works right now.

The Uncle Buck Trailer Looks Similar To The Original, Also Funny

A few days after ABC announced their upcoming Uncle Buck pilot was being ordered to series, they’ve released the first trailer. And you know what? Against many odds, this is a far funnier preview than I was ready for.

Uncle Buck Remake Has Been Picked Up To Series By ABC

It appears that ABC’s upcoming remake reinvention of Uncle Buck will be sticking around for a length of time necessitating the drying of more than one load of laundry in the microwave. The recently ordered TV pilot starring Mike Epps as the niece and nephew-raising ne’er-do-well has been given its official series pickup.

Uncle Buck Adds Mike Epps, One More For ABC Reboot

ABC’s upcoming Uncle Buck remake turned some heads with the announcement that the show would be centered around a black family, and the first two cast members added are quite well-known from both the big and small screen,

The Uncle Buck Remake Will Feature This Huge Change

Most of the time, TV remakes have trouble justifying their own existence, either by rehashing plots without making changes, or by making too many and retaining little familiarity. It’s still unclear how things will shake out for NBC’s upcoming Uncle Buck pilot, but they've definitely made some changes.

Wait, The Uncle Buck Remake Is Still Moving Forward?

The “will they, won’t they” of television is no longer about the attractive leads of a sitcom or drama, and can now be better used in discussions about networks and their desires to remake Hollywood hits of years past. And ABC apparently will plow ahead with their Uncle Buck adaptation.

Here's What John Hughes And John Candy's Families Have To Say About Uncle Buck Remake

If you recently felt something close to revulsion when learning about ABC moving forward in remaking John Hughes’ classic comedy Uncle Buck, you’re definitely not alone. The estates of both Hughes and star John Candy recently went public with their opinions.

Uncle Buck Is Coming Back In This Form

NBC’s prospects for a Say Anything series have come to a quick and vicious end, but that doesn’t mean 1980s cinema will stop being mined for new TV ventures. ABC is going into development on a small screen adaptation of one of John Hughes’ comedy classics. Are we ready to see network TV's version of the "talking dirty to a washing machine" gag?

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Why John Hughes Will Always Matter

Yesterday we lost John Hughes and the world will never be the same again. John Hughes was more than just another Hollywood filmmaker, he was the voice of an entire generation. John Hughes mattered

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