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Watch WWE Legend Kane's Emotional Reaction After The Undertaker’s Hall Of Fame Reveal

WWE legend Kane had an intimidating presence, good timing and enough in-ring ability to work squashes or longer, more technical matches. I’m happy for him, and it’s touching to see how much it clearly means to him.

WWE 14 Phenom Edition Stars The Undertaker

Today 2K Games made the not-so-surprising announcement that the Undertaker will be appearing in WWE 2K14. The Lord of Darkness will be featured in a special Phenom Edition of the wrestling game.

WWE Legend Paul Bearer Dead At 58

For segments of his life, the legend battled problems with obesity and problems with his gallbladder. In recent years, he was able to get the weight under control, but in the end, he couldn’t overcome all of the conditions. Earlier this week, he passed away at the age of fifty-eight, joining his beloved wife of more than thirty years Dianna who passed away from cancer in 2009.

Undertaker Extends His Wrestlemania Streak To Video Games

Wrestling and non-wrestling fans may have heard of The Undertaker, a near seven-foot tall pro-wrestling athlete that uses an undertaker gimmick to get over with the crowd. While the whole darkside element of the character is popular, it's only matched in popularity by Mark Calaway's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Well, in case you didn't know, he also seems to have a streak going on in games.

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