Watch WWE Legend Kane's Emotional Reaction After The Undertaker’s Hall Of Fame Reveal

Kane removing his mask with red lighting behind him.

During Kane’s more than two decade career in the WWE, he feuded with some of wrestling’s most legendary performers including Stone Cold Steve Austin, Edge and X-Pac. For the majority of fans, however, it’s his work against and alongside The Undertaker that has stood out the most. As such, it’s only fitting that when WWE decided to honor The Big Red Machine by inducting him into the Hall Of Fame, they picked his kayfabe brother to deliver the happy news.

The announcement was made on The Bump this morning. Kane, real name Glenn Jacobs, was on the show discussing his career when The Undertaker popped on and told him he was going to be inducted into the Hall Of Fame. A clearly emotional Kane thanked The Undertaker for all the help he got during his career and then seemed to stop out of worry he was going to start crying. Check out the touching moment below, which WWE posted on social media

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After a series of terrible and quickly cancelled gimmicks including an ill-tempered dentist named Isaac Yankem DDS and a brief, universally hated run as Fake Diesel (not to be confused with Magic Mike star Kevin Nash's Real Diesel), Jacobs was repackaged as Kane, the masked half-brother of The Undertaker and introduced in late 1997. Their subsequent feud and later tag team partnership was a huge hit with fans and turned Jacobs into a top draw. Both men drifted into other feuds and various storylines over the years, but every so often, they would circle back and either partner together for some matches or take on each other, always to the delight of fans.

Kane’s career outside of The Undertaker was top notch too, despite the WWE occasionally making him work opposite some less than talented performers. His work with X-Pac really stands out, as well as with Daniel Bryan, but you an also name pretty much any popular wrestler over the last 25 years and he probably worked with them at some point. He had runs as a title holder, including winning the WWE Championship from the always popular Stone Cold. He had runs with the mask on and with the mask off. He had runs as a face and runs as a heel. Over the course of 20 Royal Rumble appearances, he eliminated 46 men, which is still an all-time record.

Long story short, Kane is very deserving of his Hall of Fame enshrinement. He wasn’t ever the absolute top guy in the company, but for decades, he was a good, well-respected performer that was over with most fans and could give credibility to the mid-card or cycle up and do believable programs with the top guys. He had an intimidating presence, good timing and enough in-ring ability to work squashes or longer, more technical matches. I’m happy for him, and it’s touching to see how much it clearly means to him.

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