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Undertaker Extends His Wrestlemania Streak To Video Games

Wrestling and non-wrestling fans may have heard of The Undertaker, a near seven-foot tall pro-wrestling athlete that uses an undertaker gimmick to get over with the crowd. While the whole darkside element of the character is popular, it's only matched in popularity by Mark Calaway's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania. Well, in case you didn't know, he also seems to have a streak going on in video games, too.

Patrick Scott Patterson or the man who can call himself the real-life PSP, has compiled a list of all the interactive software titles that features The Deadman, The Phenom, The Undertaker.

The list comes courtesy of 1 More Castle, where Patterson breaks down the iconic generational progress The Undertaker has undertaken in his long and illustrious career as one of the most recognized and famous pro wrestlers in the world.

Things start with WWF Steel Cage Challenge from the NES 8-bit days of gaming back in 1992 and progresses all the way up to WWE 13 for the current generation of game consoles. I'm pretty sure it's a safe bet to say that Undertaker will more than likely also be featured in WWE 14, under 2K Sports' newly acquired WWE license.

I was unaware of Undertaker's amazing video game feat of landing major roles in each outing from every year since 1992. The only thing missing from the list was the 1999 entry of Acclaim's WWF Attitude for the N64 and PSX. It was one of the first wrestling games to include a career mode where players actually had to play through and work their way up through house shows. Well, players also had to work their way up through house shows in Jikkyou's Power Pro Wrestling 96' Max Voltage, but it wasn't like a lot of people played that game.

Anyway, you can check out the complete list of all the games the Undertaker has appeared in over on 1 More Castle.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.