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The Best Horror Movies Streaming On Netflix Right Now - March 2021

It is scary how good Netflix's horror selection is

Host Vs. Unfriended: Which Is The Scarier Video Call Horror Movie?

Which movie makes you wanna quit Zoom the most?

What To Watch If You Love The Saw Movies
The Blair Witch Project And 12 Other Great Found Footage Thrillers

Blair Witch fan? There are even more chilling found footage movies worth finding...

One Blumhouse Movie Has Reportedly Been Shot And Screened In Secret

A new report seems to suggest that Blumhouse Productions may have already shot and screened one of its most intriguing sequels.

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The 10 Best Horror Movies Of 2015

As a whole, horror can be a mixed bag, but while there were some duds, 2015 featured a ton of excellent exhibitions of what the genre has to offer, and here are our ten favorites for the year.

Unfriended 2 Is Happening, Who Knows What Social Media Horrors Await

Unfriended is exactly the kind of film studios love. It’s a film that was produced for practically nothing and made millions at the box office. So it shouldn’t come as a major shocker that Universal has green lit Unfriended 2.

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Weekend Box Office: Furious 7 Takes Third Victory Lap, Paul Blart Sequel Does Way Better Than It Deserves

Furious 7 took another victory lap, holding the number one spot for a third weekend in a row.

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The Weird Audition Process Unfriended Used To Cast Its Actors

If you’ve ever seen a movie or TV show about Hollywood, chances are you know what a typical audition looks like. An actor gets called into a room where they must perform and try to impress a group that usually includes the project’s director, producers, and casting director. This wasn’t how things worked behind the scenes of the new horror movie Unfriended, however.

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This Rotten Week: Predicting Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Unfriended and Monkey Kingdom Reviews

There are three movies hitting theaters this weekend, and weirdly enough there’s a little something for everybody - at least if you are a younger member of the movie-going audience. It actually might be tough for adults to get too excited for this lineup, as we have the return of Paul Blart, social media killing people, and cute monkeys flying around the screen.

Unfriended Makes Killer Use Of Its Social Media Gimmick

More than just providing us online shopping and quick research capabilities, the internet has altered the way we communicate with one another. This is an incredibly important element in the new high-concept horror film Unfriended, and while the movie isn’t by any means a game-changer for the genre, it does do a rather surprising job creating terror and scares from the most basic elements of the internet age.

The Fear Monger: The Next Ring Sequel Will Be Much Different Than We Thought

Okay, so remember when A Beautiful Mind and A Winter Tale screenwriter Akiva Goldsman signed on to write The Ring 3 some months back? Well it's taken a strange turn from that point moving forward, and casting has already begun.

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