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Will And Grace Is A Big Winner In This Year's Surprising Golden Globe Comedy Race

The Golden Globe TV nominations were as surprising as ever in the comedy categories.

Veep Season 7 Production Is On Hold While Julia Louis-Dreyfus Gets Cancer Treatment

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and is taking the time to focus on her battle and treatment against the disease, rather than Selina Meyers' Presidential campaign.

All The Big TV Shows That Were Recently Cancelled

While we're looking forward to all the shows filling up the fall TV schedules, we're sad say goodbye to these recently cancelled show.

Veep Is Ending On HBO, But It's Not All Bad News

We have some bad news for longtime fans of HBO's Veep: the series is officially coming to an end after many years of laughs. Read on to discover what happened.

2017 Emmy Awards Nominations Announced, Read The Full List

Check out all the 2017 Emmy Award nominations!

Halt And Catch Fire Adds Veep Star For Fourth And Final Season

Halt and Catch Fire is preparing for its fourth and final season, and it's recruited a Veep star to help get to the finish line. Hit the jump to find out who's joining AMC's drama series.

Veep And More Renewed By HBO

HBO has just renewed a handful of it best comedies. Here's what you'll still be laughing at in the future.

The 15 Best Comedies On TV Right Now

We're living in the golden age of TV comedy, and these are the 15 shows that absolutely deserve everyone's attention right now.

How Much The Veep Cast Actually Talks About Politics On Set, According To One Star

Few shows have been more politically-minded than Veep, but how much does the actual cast delve into politi-talk? Here's what star Matt Walsh told CinemaBlend.

The Big Advice Veep Got From Mitt Romney, According To Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Mitt Romney isn't just a fan of Veep, he even provided a line for Season 6!

New DVD Releases: When To Buy The Latest Movies In April 2017

It's a big month for movie releases, with a few holdover awards nominees finally hitting Blu-ray and DVD, as well as several big box office movies. Who am I kidding, though? Let's talk Rogue One.

How Long Veep Could Last, According To The Showrunner

Veep's showrunner recently opened up regarding how much longer the show may stay on the air. Here's what he had to say.

Silicon Valley Is Not Going To Air With Game Of Thrones This Year

We either have some really good or really bad news related to HBO coming your way. For the last several years, HBO's spring lineup has been comprised of Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Veep.

The Top 10 Shows Of 2016, According To Nick

With the exorbitant number of scripted TV series out this year, cutting the Top 10 shows of 2016 out of that massive pack is like trying to push a haystack through a needle. But here they are.

The Top 10 Shows Of 2016, According To Jessica

This season there were plenty of favorites---some old standbys that have gotten better as they've aged, and some newer shows. So without further ado, here are the Top 10 picks for 2016.

Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus Hilariously Play Veep's Selina Meyer To Encourage Voting

With the end of the election finally in sight, the most political show on HBO urges you to get out there and vote! Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus reprise her role as Selina Myer to remind millennials what day it is next Tuesday.

The Joke Veep Had To Cut Thanks To Donald Trump

Donald Trump's presidential campaign has given many TV shows a dependable wealth of material to draw from, but Veep hasn't been quite as lucky. Check out this joke that had to get cut.

Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus Dedicate Her Emmy Win To Her Father Who Just Died

The Emmys always feature a wide variety of acceptance speeches from a wide variety of artists. Julia Louis-Dreyfus just won the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress, and she took the time in her speech to acknowledge the recent passing of her father.

Why One Veep Actor Was Disqualified From The Emmys

Every year, plenty of Emmy hopefuls get snubbed while a small few do earn the nomination they've been working hard for all year. However, while snubs are common, it's way less common to actually be disqualified from the Emmys once a person has been nominated.

HBO Shows Are More Popular Than Ever, Here's The Proof

You know how Game of Thrones is one of the biggest shows on TV and most other channels should be extremely jealous of HBO about it? Well, it turns out the fantasy epic is even more popular than we thought, along with others in HBO's lineup.

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