Michael Shannon Guests, New Dune Images And Possible Movie Theater Openings

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We can’t tell you how many times the ReelBlend guys screamed “I will find him” at each other as we prepared to interview Michael Shannon. Because yes, the chameleonic character actor has played a wealth of fascinating roles – from Knives Out to Take Shelter – but we’re always going to be fond of his Zod.

This week, Shannon was doing some promotion for the new film The Quarry, in which he plays a small town sheriff who grows suspicious of a new preacher (Shea Whigham). Lionsgate planned to bring The Quarry to Austin for the annual South By Southwest film festival, but when that event pulled up stakes, we offered time on ReelBlend to Shannon to talk the film and his career. The Quarry reaches VOD on April 17.

Press play on this week’s episode to enjoy our conversation with Michael Shannon.

Michael Shannon in The Quarry

The show was thrilled to have actual news to discuss this week. We started with Denis Villenueve’s Dune, which finally rolled out its marketing campaign with new cast images. The guys also broke down the news that Cinemark is thinking about opening up its locations on July 1… and what that might mean for the movie business, as a whole.

As for This Week in Movies (well, streaming), the guys were able to discuss a few new films such as Underwater with Kristen Stewart and the delightful Peter Pan myth, Wendy. That transitioned into this week’s Blend Game, where the guys dissected the films of Tony Scott. And one of the hosts changed his pick… mid-game.

Classic ReelBlend.

9:05 - Weekly Poll: Which PTA movie is better?

21:14 - Michael Shannon Interview

40:35 - Dune Images, Cinemark Announcement, Cannes

1:08:04 - This Week In Movies (er...Streaming)

1:14:41 - #TonyScottBlend

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