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They say wannabe doctors have incredible divorce and break-up rates during medical school and residency. Too many time commitments can cause irreparable harm to relationships, and burgeoning actresses certainly have plenty of those. After more than two years together, a period in which Sofia Vergara steadily climbed the Hollywood later, she and boyfriend Nick Loeb have reportedly decided to go their separate ways.

The couple met at the Golden Globes in 2010, and they began dating shortly thereafter. He’s the grandson of one of the Lehman brothers, and the son of a former ambassador to Denmark. According to People, he was also a partner in a brokerage firm and has long considered running for public office. Between their hectic schedules, making time for each other became harder and harder, and sources say arguments have been very common over the past few months.

Neither Loeb nor Vergara has spoken publicly about the reported break-up, but she attended the Met Gala alone, which is an ominous sign since he lives in New York. Sometimes good intentions aren’t enough, and sometimes people completely in love are correct to pursue life on their own.

Pop Blend sends out its sympathies to both, though I highly doubt either needs them. As a beautiful woman and a rising star, she’ll have more suitors than she can smile at, and as a handsome future politician from an elite family, there will be plenty of women who’d be willing to give Loeb a shot.

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