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Earlier this week, Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara celebrated her birthday in Mexico’s beautiful Riviera Maya alongside some of her co-stars. Also in attendance was her on-again boyfriend Nick Loeb. The two reportedly split earlier this year, but the separation didn’t take. Now, if a curious picture and a few unnamed sources are to be believed, the two may have decided to take their relationship a step further.

While in Mexico, Vergara and friends reportedly took a side trip to the incredibly popular tourist destination Chichen Itza. The ruins are spectacularly beautiful, and according to People, a great place to propose. The outlet spoke with a source reportedly close to the starlet who says Loeb popped the question and she said yes. Sportscaster Fernando Fiore later tweeted a picture of Vergara at her birthday party, and in the photo, she’s seen sporting the ring. You can take a look at the snapshot below…

Unfortunately, the evidence is hardly that cut and dry. Several other sources have told various outlets the two are not actually engaged. Whether that means she put the ring on and later changed her mind or the ring was merely just a ring she wore on the normally reserved finger is unclear. Either way, it does seem obvious Loeb and Vergara are now back and as happy as ever.

Regardless if she’s engaged or not, Pop Blend wishes Vergara a happy 40th birthday. The Maya Riviera is spectacular, and we hope she lived up every moment in paradise.

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