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Star Trek fans are a vocal and devoted bunch. Each of them would probably fight to the death to defend their favorite of the movies, series, captains and characters with an intensity that many would not believe. So, it seems only fitting that, with the 50th anniversary of the science fiction classic soon upon us, there would already be plans in place for a celebration of epic proportions. Well, Trek veteran William Shatner has some concrete ideas on what those festivities should look like.
I’ve been actively trying to do a 50th anniversary show … We had a big company say: ‘What about a musical or a music variety show?’ That got some traction – but nothing’s come of it yet.

William Shatner talked to The Guardian about his wishes, and I’ve got to admit, a musical or variety show sounds awesome, and I simply cannot believe that this isn’t already in motion. I mean, Shatner is interested. Who can turn down Captain James Tiberius Kirk (or, for that matter, T.J. Hooker)? Shatner has already signed up to host a six day Star Trek anniversary cruise in early 2017, so the man’s commitment to the show that made him famous and the fans is already pretty apparent.

This effort to get the remaining cast members together is a golden opportunity. Of the original space-faring crew, which featured seven actors in major roles, only William Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei and Walter Koenig are still with us. Not to be morbid, but it’s incredibly likely that by the time the 60th anniversary rolls around we will have none of Star Trek’s main cast left. This special needs to get off the ground, stat.

William Shatner didn’t specify whether he’s looking to put together a television special (which would be incredibly likely) or a theatrical production. I happen to think that either would be a fantastic idea, it just depends on what you’re going after. A TV event would be an easy way to get lots of Trek favorites from all five shows involved, as well as a wide variety of producers and creative forces behind those shows. This basic approach would, obviously, allow for the people involved to talk (or perform) from any location. Can you imagine Shatner reciting an interpretive version of the Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds while strolling through something tranquil, like a Japanese garden? Wouldn’t that be divine?

But, let’s not forget the infinite possibilities that arise if they were to do a stage show. First of all, this thing would make a ton of dough. Really, even if this was a one night only event, piles of money, that could be counted for days on end, would emerge. Second, so many of our Star Trek favorites have other talents the show could explore. Spoken word performances and song and dance numbers likely wouldn’t be hard to come by. Not to mention staged readings of the stars’ favorite scenes from their shows. It’s already magical and it hasn’t even happened yet.

This needs to come to fruition, friends. For William Shatner, for the fans, and for the far reaching legacy Star Trek has created. If nothing else it needs to happen for me, because a 50th anniversary edition of my Captain Kirk figurine would fit my collection quite nicely.

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