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Charlie Sheen has quite a bit of damage control to do for his erratic behavior in the past several years. Last week, he offered up an explanation for his infamous "tiger blood" outbursts, saying that the testosterone cream he was using to counteract his HIV had manifested itself into a roid rage, and this week he's trying to smooth over one of his most bizarre celebrity feuds. The actor is offering up an olive branch to Rihanna, whom he unleashed a lengthy Twitter rant against back in 2014, and even more recently referred to as a "bitch" on live TV just last week.

After reviving their long-dormant feud on What What Happens Live last Wednesday, Charlie Sheen is now publicly apologizing to Rihanna on his Twitter account. The former Two and a Half Men star tweeted that he was sorry for his "inane self indulgence," and offered to but the singer a drink some time.

Charlie Sheen's apology comes after he shared some accusatory remarks about Rihanna on an episode of Watch What Happens Live last week. A viewer wrote in to ask Sheen if he and Rihanna had ever settled their online spat from 2014, and Sheen made it more than clear that they hadn't with his response.

Oh, that bitch. No, no, no. She abandoned common courtesy and common sense.

The strange feud, which seems very heavily one-sided, began back in May of 2014, when Charlie Sheen unleashed a tweet-storm of anger about Rihanna apparently declining to his then-fiancé while they were at dinner at the same restaurant. In the long string of tweets (which are now deleted, but a transcribed version can be read on TMZ) Sheen went off on Rihanna for not taking the time to talk to his fiancé, calling her a liar and "the Village Idiot," in process and concluding by suggesting that she quit singing if she can't make time for her fans.

True to her famously cool vibe, Rihanna's short response to the multi-tweet accusations was "If that old queen don't get ha diapers out of a bunch..."

Hmm, something tells me that Rihanna isn't going to be super receptive to Charlie Sheen's drinks offer...

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