What We Know So Far About Titanic II's Maiden Voyage

Titanic: The Boat - Titanic (1997)

The maiden vessel of the Titanic is best known for both its disastrous final hour, whereupon the monumental ship split in half and sunk into the frozen floor of the North Atlantic Ocean. Plus, James Cameron's triumphantly successful re-depiction of those tragic, deeply harrowing events in his gigantically profitable 1997 blockbuster, Titanic. The legend of The Wonder Ship will live on in the history books, for its failures and remembrances.

In the spirit of reminiscing one of the most devastating events in human history, Blue Star Line will either test fate, yet again, or try to correct past mistakes by making The Titanic II, a ship which hits the high seas for two weeks in 2022. Here's what we know about the valiant new effort set to sail in the next few years.

As it was reported by USA Today (opens in new tab), the replica vessel known as Titanic II has recently resumed its production after a financial hiccup. The $500 million project was delayed for years due to various concerns, but the issues that halted the ship's creation have been subsided, it seems, with the renewed plans set into motion for 2022. And in a detail that's either fitting, eerie or both, Titanic II will reportedly be carrying nearly as many passengers and crew members as the wealth of individuals who boarded the original Titanic in the early 1900s: 2,400 passengers and 900 crew members, to be exact.

But there's one key difference in Titanic I and Titanic II, reportedly. That difference lay in the navigation system, which will understandably be a lot stronger and more reliable than the one that was found in the original Titanic over 100 years prior. There will also be a whole lot more lifeboats this time.

Additionally, the new Titanic is being constructed in China instead of Belfast, Northern Ireland, where the original Titanic was assembled. This time, the trip will begin in Dubai and then it will travel onward towards Southampton, England. Then it will be retracing the North Atlantic route of its namesake.

Now, before you call up James Cameron and yell "Sequel!," it should be noted that there is already, technically, a movie out there called Titanic II. It was created by schlock-lovers at The Asylum, the production company best known for making the infamous Sharknado movies. Released in 2010 on Syfy before making its way straight-to-DVD, the sequel (which wasn't nearly as successful as Titanic, the film, to say the least) followed a fictional replica of the Titanic that went onto the waters 100 years after the original ship made its travels. As you would imagine, this trip didn't go for the crew.

Hopefully, the brave passengers aboard the actual Titanic II make their way to their planned destination with none of the dangers and terrors that tragically plagued their predecessor ship. Whatever becomes of Titanic II, though, we'll be sure to keep you posted on the details here at CinemaBlend.

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