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Amanda Bynes’ Psych Hold Gets Extended By 11 Days

Between nailing down a firm diagnosis, considering the pros and cons of a conservatorship and stabilizing the actress herself, there is a whole lot that needs to be taken care of before Amanda Bynes is released from her psychiatric hold and returned to society. As such, a judge recently decided to extend the Hairspray star’s 5150 for up to eleven more days, assumedly giving all involved plenty of time to calmly decide rather than emotionally react to the troubling situation at hand.

According to E! News, Amanda’s parents met with her doctors and asked them to submit a request to keep their daughter locked up for a longer period of time. After evaluating the situation, that request was granted, and a motion to place the actress under a conservatorship was filed. TMZ was able to obtain a copy of the paperwork, and it reportedly cites a litany of troubling signs including the withdrawal of more than $200,000 from her bank account over the past few months, an obsession with beauty/ ugliness, a paranoia she’s being watched and a claim that she took a taxi from New York to Los Angeles.

After reviewing the evidence and being informed of the psych hold extension, however, the judge decided to hold off on placing her under a conservatorship, at least for the time being. Instead, progress reports, the opinions of her doctors and an interview with Amanda herself have all been requested. Rumors recently surfaced that Bynes has schizophrenic tendencies, but until someone close to the situation speaks publically on the record, it should all be treated as nothing more than whispers at this point.

Over the past year or so, Bynes’ life has become the subject of endless tabloid fodder. Her frequent car accidents, outrageous Twitter account and strange behavior began to completely overshadow her extensive back catalog of acting work to the point she was known more for her eccentricities than anything else. At just twenty-seven, however, she has more than enough time to rehabilitate her image and get back to movies. At that point, she might not be able to play teenagers anymore, but she could certainly crush young adults.

In the spirit of remembering why we all fell in love with Amanda in the first place, here’s a clip of her and her castmates performing “Without Love” from Hairspray

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