Anna Kendrick And Edgar Wright Are Dunzo

The majority of Hollywood couples are not obsessively stalked like Brad and Angelina or Jennifer and Justin or Kim and Kanye. As a result, famous pairs can sometimes break-up and unless one of them talks on the record about the split, months can go by without anyone being the wiser. If new reports are to be believed, that’s exactly what happened with Anna Kendrick and Edgar Wright too.

According to US Magazine, the couple, who met on the set of Scott Pilgrim vs The World some four years ago quietly went their separate ways awhile back. As for the reason, no one seems to know, which shouldn’t come as a shock since none of us even knew when they broke up and whether it fizzled out or comically imploded.

There was something perfect about the shared nerdiness of the visionary director and the quirky girl with the Oscar nomination and the incredible voice, but their shared loss is the gain of whatever brave souls are able to win their hearts moving forward. From a purely celeb gossip standpoint, I would like to think they’ll each wind up with someone famous, but given their personalities, it’s just as likely they end up with a nurse and/ or a weird sound guy.

You can catch Kendrick in the upcoming adaptation of The Last Five Years, and you can catch Wright’s work in the upcoming World’s End.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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