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Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire” is always a great song to change the lyrics to because it references so many different people, ideas and objects in quick succession that the new subject matter can be covered in pretty amazing depth without changing the duration or basic flow of the song. In fact, this latest parody is significantly shorter and still touches on many of the greatest YouTube videos in the website’s history.

Entitled ”We Didn’t Start The Viral”, it was produced by Dane Boe as part of YouTube’s much-hyped comedy week, and it gives brief shoutouts to everyone from Antoine Dodson to Rebecca Black to Psy. It also lets the dramatic chipmunk play drums and even incorporates Sweet Brown’s beloved catchphrase. If nothing else, it’s a great commercial for YouTube that will likely convince most viewers to go back and watch a hilarious video they completely forgot existed—like Evolution Of Dance.

Looking back over everything referenced here, it’s pretty clear there’s no set formula for how to go viral. The only coherent strand running through everything is an overt sense of originality when the clip was first released. Here’s to hoping the inevitable follow-up eight years from now is every bit as wonderful.

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