Brooke Mueller claims she doesn’t want her children staying with Denise Richards because she’s worried about them spending more time with their dad Charlie Sheen. If the Anger Management actor is to be believed, however, Brooke’s real motivation for trying to move the kids to her brother’s house actually has everything to do with money.

According to TMZ, Sheen sends Mueller $55,000 a month in child support to be the primary caregiver for their four-year-old twins Max and Bob. With the actress in rehab and no longer looking after the boys, however, she’s not legally entitled to any of that money, unless the kids are watched by someone in her family—like her brother.

Neither Denise/ Charlie nor Brooke has presented their side to the court yet, but rumors are swirling about potential arguments. Apparently, Brooke plans to allege Denise simply wants the kids so she can have the money, but if she does, that probably won’t work very well considering Denise reportedly hasn’t taken nor asked for any money from Charlie to watch his other two kids. As for Denise and Charlie, they’re reportedly in possession of text messages Brooke sent in which the jewelry maker allegedly states she really needs her former actor husband’s child support checks.

By all accounts, Denise is a very good mother. In fact, Brooke has apparently said as much on several occasions. I get why she wouldn’t want to lose out on so much money until she gets the kids back, but from an outside perspective, it sure as hell sounds like the boys are better off with Denise than Brooke’s brother who they reportedly don’t even really know.

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