Police descended on the Hollywood Hills home of Ashton Kutcher earlier today to free a woman being held inside a closet, but upon further review, it turns out the entire incident was nothing more than a time and resource consuming prank. The call came in around 11 AM from a woman via teletext message. She told emergency responders three men with guns were threatening her life. Police arrived on the property with weapons drown minutes later, but the tranquility they found was very different than the horror described.

According to TMZ, the three alleged kidnappers were ordered out of the house and onto the ground, but none of them had any weapons. After a thorough search of the house revealed no girl and nothing out of place, cops reportedly realized the men were merely workers fixing up Ashton’s house, who was on the set of Two and a Half Men at the time. A press conference was held this afternoon to assure the community it was all a big misunderstanding and to announce the perpetrator of the prank will face legal action if discovered.

A little more than a month ago, police were called to Miley Cyrus’ place in the wake of a shooting. When they arrived, they found nothing out of the ordinary had happened. It was all a hoax. It’s unclear if the people who called in the fake incidents are the same, but no doubt police are investigating any possible links.

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