Over the past six months, Demi Moore’s marriage imploded in full view of the general public. Her soon to be ex-husband Ashton Kutcher was the subject of graphic infidelity rumors. At first, the accusations weakened the marriage, but in November, the actress announced her union was officially over. Apparently, that dramatic life upheaval caused quite a bit of stress, and now Moore has decided to seek professional help to deal with it.

In pursuit of reclaiming her full mental faculties, the star will check into an unknown facility where she’ll be formally treated for exhaustion. At least that’s the whole of it from Moore’s publicist, but if TMZ’s sources are to be believed, that exhaustion was fueled by some bad decisions. The outlet is reporting the actress was taken to the hospital last night for complications due to substance abuse, and those closest to her are saying it’s that problem she’ll see doctors for.

Demi Moore has always come across as being pretty in control of her life. Sure, her marriage to Bruce Willis ended, but the fact that the two remained such close friends afterwards seemed a sign of great stability. Even her marriage to Ashton Kutcher, a bit curious because of the age difference, kind of made sense in its own way. It’s sad to hear Moore has taken the break-up so hard but even sadder if she actually has turned to self-medicating.

Pop Blend wishes Demi Moore nothing but the best in her recovery. Getting help is never a bad idea, and sooner is always better than later.

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