A little less than a year ago, Demi Moore walked away from her marriage with Ashton Kutcher. After his high profile cheating scandal, most people assumed she’d blossom without the much younger former That 70s Show star. Unfortunately, her life hasn’t exactly been the easiest in the time since.

Following a hospitalization and the release of a scary 911 call, Moore spent some time in rehab and largely retreated from the public eye. While that was going on, her ex was linked to a slew of different women, and in recent weeks, he’s been spotted getting very cozy in very public places with Mila Kunis.

Recently, People spoke to two sources supposedly close to Moore. One claimed she’s “jealous and frustrated” by how quickly Kutcher has moved on, while the other said she was initially devastated by the end of the marriage but hasn't really looked back since. Given People titled its cover story “Demi’s Broken Heart”, it’s clear who it believes, but that doesn’t necessarily make it the truth.

Moore’s personal problems would seem to indicate she was at least initially very upset about Ashton, but her lack of being photographed on dates would lead one to believe she’s probably not that concerned with making him jealous. It’s not as if a slew of very attractive men wouldn’t take the Indecent Proposal star for a night on the town.

What do you think? Do you believe the rumors that Demi’s pissed about Ashton’s personal life choices, or do you think she’s more concerned with her own life? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Do You Think Demi Is Upset About Ashton And Mila?

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