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It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt – or at least until their feelings do. In the world of comedians, sometimes it becomes difficult to sift through and distinguish between the mean spirited and the dryly humorous. Kevin Hart just sent a humorous text to Amy Schumer that perfectly encapsulates that exact balance.

This morning Kevin Hart texted Amy Schumer to give her some “advice” regarding her gig to host Saturday Night Live tonight. Hart hosted SNL last January, while tonight will be Schumer’s first time performing on the live program. The text had some fairly interesting content to say the least, telling Schumer that if she gets nervous, for her to tell the audience that she knows him, and that she can Facetime him but he probably won’t answer. She tweeted the picture to her Twitter account with the sarcastic caption “hostile text.".


The Internet has begun to have something of a field day with this text, but in all likelihood it’s just Kevin Hart being his usual smart-mouthed comedic self. Both comedians have become arguably two of the biggest names in stand-up these days, and have parlayed that success into burgeoning movie careers. Schumer herself has built much of her career off of the ability to thrive on mean spirited comedy; so to assume she somehow took offense to the text seems highly unlikely. If nothing else, it’s just interesting to see that such titans of the comedy world will still text each other to offer support when one begins a new, challenging endeavor.

If that’s Kevin Hart’s way of saying good luck then we share the sentiment. Amy Schumer will host Saturday Night Live tonight for the first time on NBC – with musical guest The Weeknd – and we can only assume Kevin Hart will be watching.