Julia Louis-Dreyfus Slammed By History Nerds Over Rolling Stone Cover

Celebrity magazine covers and photo shoots in general are no stranger to controversy and being picked apart by social media. We definitely live in a time where if you screw up, someone is going to notice and call you out on it, which can sometimes be career ending for a star. But what about when it's not the celebrity's fault there was a mistake?

According to The NY Daily News, this month's cover is one such example of that. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is on the cover bearing it all, except for a fake tattoo of the United States Constitution. The problem? The fake tattoo shows John Hancock's signature, and he didn't exactly, you know, sign it.

John Hancock did, in fact, sign the Declaration of Independence, the decree giving America independence from England. Rolling Stone says that document was on the other side of the photo, but not all of the signatures would fit properly. Hancock is definitely the most recognizable name in pop culture on the list of men who signed early documents of the United States so it kind of makes sense that they would make his the most prominent, even if it was technically wrong.

Louis-Dreyfus is a former Seinfield star and currently headlines her own show on HBO, Veep. The sitcom is absolutely hysterical and is a satirical take on Washington D.C. and the office of Vice President. Louis-Dreyfus plays veep Selina Meyer who deals with constant mistakes and the bureaucracy of the American government. It's hard to believe that she's almost 53 based on how fantastic she looks on the cover. She's ridiculously stunning. So even though there's a slight error on Rolling Stone's part, I don't think many folks are going to notice.

Rolling Stone is no stranger to provocative covers and isn't afraid of controversy. In the past, the magazine has generated headlines about anything and everything from showcasing deceased stars to being overly sexual . Most of the images, however, are unique and striking enough to cause a stir, which seems like the whole point. Does anyone else remember the Britney Spears cover with the Teletubby? That was in 1999 and the image is still just as fresh in my mind as it was in 7th grade.

The issue is due out on April 11th and I highly doubt they're going to make any changes at this point. The best part of the controversy? Louis-Dreyfus's response on her Twitter. Not only has she played the brouhaha off as a joke relating to her media specialist on Veep, she keeps tweeting about it and being completely good-natured about the ordeal. It's definitely refreshing to see a celebrity take what could be an embarrassment and totally run with it. Check out my favorite tweet from Louis-Dreyfus below.

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