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Some years ago, Kevin Costner got really interested in oil spills. He spent millions of his own money to finance a company working on machines that could clean up the messes. At some point, fellow actor Stephen Baldwin decided to join the party and invested his own money. The partnership trudged along for awhile, but the Usual Suspects star eventually sold his shares to Costner. A few months later, the company made fifty-two million dollars supplying its products to BP to help clean up the Gulf of Mexico spill, and now, Baldwin and his business partner are madder than hell because they were cut out of the profits.

A lawsuit between the two parties began at the Hale Boggs Federal Courthouse in New Orleans today, and each man was on hand to witness the proceedings. According to WWLTV, the judge has demanded both actors remain for the duration of the two week trial, though it’s unclear how much day-to-day involvement each might have.

Baldwin is arguing Costner knew a deal with BP was in motion and withheld the information in order to maximize his own profits. Costner is arguing he funded the technology himself, nothing was set in stone when Baldwin sold and therefore, he should be entitled to the profits that came from his investment.

Given the how much the contract netted the company, any settlement Baldwin might get would definitely be in the multi-million dollar range, but at this point, that’s a very big might. We’ll keep you updated as the trial progresses.