Kristen Wiig Doesn't Ever Want To Marry Again

Whether or not to marry the person you’re with is a question worth devoting hours of thinking to. Whether or not you should ever get married is not a question many people stop and think about. In fact, yearly studies routinely show more than eighty percent of Americans have married at least once by the age of forty, but the notion of vowing never to tie the knot has still become increasingly prevalent in recent years. Not that its advocates always follow through on their pledges.

The latest of these no-on-the-nuptials celebrities is Kristen Wiig. She’s already suffered through one failed marriage to Hayes Hargrove (RIP 2005-2009), and she outlines her lack of interest in another ceremony in the upcoming issue of Stella. “I probably won’t ever get married (again). It’s not something I would want to do.” Wiig reportedly pushed director Paul Feig hard to stay away from any impression that women should get married in their recent collaboration Bridesmaids. It’s unclear how her live-in boyfriend Brian Pestos feels about her indifference, or perhaps even hostility, toward marriage, but something tells me any future wedding plans would need to be driven by her, not him.

Is it the added pressure? Is it the rebellion against societal norms? Getting married is both cheaper and tends to make family members happy, but it’s hard to argue it doesn’t change something, even for the most seasoned, time-tested couples. David Letterman famously waited twenty-three years to marry his long-time girlfriend Regina Lasko, but he eventually bit the bullet. We’ll have to wait and see whether Kristen Wiig has more determination.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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