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The vicious child support dispute between Linda Evangelista and her baby daddy, Francois-Henri Pinault, has finally reached its conclusion. With neither side particularly excited about the supermodel taking the stand and answering more questions about whether Pinault tried to convince her to have an abortion after he discovered her pregnancy, lawyers worked out a compromise prior to today’s legal proceedings.

Evangelista was asking the court to make the billionaire CEO pay forty-six thousand dollars a month in child support for the former couple’s son Augie. Not surprisingly, attorneys for Pinault called her figure outrageous. According to The New York Post, the compromise has been kept conditional, but those in the know are saying its comfortably into five figures but nowhere close to forty-six thousand a month.

Regardless of what the specific number actually is, Augie will no doubt grow up living a very privileged life. He’ll attend the finest schools and go on the nicest vacations, but more than those things, what he really needs is a father. Pinault also has a four-year-old daughter with his current wife actress Salma Hayek, as well as two addition children from his first marriage. Give ne oversees a French multi-national holding company, his time is a bit limited, but he should still do everything in his power to make all four feel like a part of his family.

The lawyers for everyone involved will present the settlement agreement to the judge tomorrow. Baring something strange happening, it’ll be approved and all will move on with their lives, thankfully with some of their dignity still in tact.

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