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Hollywood is a what have you done for me lately business. Ordinarily, when stars fail to churn out successful projects for an extended period of time, they slowly fade away. Thanks to some sketchy personal life choices however, Lindsay Lohan has remained just as famous as ever. She may not have enjoyed the endless tabloid headlines about her drinking and personal relationships, but in a way, all that press was probably a good thing. For the past few months, the actress has made an effort to fulfill her legal obligations, and by all accounts, she’s actually far ahead of schedule.

Now she’s finally in a position to make some semblance of a comeback, and in an effort to continue this good will, Lohan has decided to host Saturday Night Live. She’s toplined the show three times before and actually contributed some wonderful sketches, most memorably the one where Hermione grows boobs. There’s no reason to think she won’t pull off another solid episode.

The question however is whether Lohan can turn the Saturday Night Live appearance into other, more lasting gigs. She might have ruined some of her relationships in Hollywood before, but if there’s one thing I know about the movie business, it’s studios will work with anyone who can make them money. Lohan is still a big name, and if she can get the public back on her side, she will get at least one more chance to open a movie with a real budget.

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Will SNL Lead To Something More?

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