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Nick Stahl Has Vanished Again

A little more than a month ago, Terminator 3 actor Nick Stahl went missing. Given his history of drug problems and erratic behavior, his family didn’t make a big brouhaha about it initially, but as two days turned into three which turned into five, his estranged wife began sounding the alarm. Police scoured the neighborhood, and after about a week, it paid off. The actor emailed his family to let them know he was okay and would enter a drug treatment program. Early word on the recovery that followed was largely positive, but unfortunately, it seems that optimism may have been misplaced.

Rose Murphy Stahl told E! News her husband checked out of rehab against everyone’s wishes about a week ago and hasn’t been seen by any family members since he abruptly left a friend’s residence on Thursday. Of course, all involved are concerned, but they clearly don’t want to make the situation as public as last time.

Whether Stahl is using again or not, it seems unfair, pointless and hurtful for him not to let his family know his whereabouts. His daughter deserves to know her father is okay, and his friends deserve to know he’s not playing with their emotions. There is a finite amount of sympathy someone can get from the majority of people, and Stahl has certainly used up plenty of his quota over the past few months. Still, Pop Blend wishes him health and hopefully, a full recovery in the near future.

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