Penelope Cruz And Javier Bardem Expecting Second Child

Penélope Cruz is pregnant for a second time. The actress has been out and about lately with a slightly fuller figure, but the rumor mill wasn’t enough to ascertain the 38-year-old was, indeed, pregnant. However, on Friday sources revealed that Cruz is pregnant with her second child with actor Javier Bardem.

Cruz, a woman who once stated she was interested in adoption, actually has born one other child with Bardem named Leo (a remarkably cute and basic name for a celebrity couple). Leo just entered the world at the very beginning of 2011, which means the couple's kids should be pretty close in age. According to E! Online Cruz is now roughly three months pregnant, but it hasn’t slowed the couple down one bit.

They are currently vacationing in the Caribbean, likely taking some time to relax before all of the baby planning and then baby care goes into full swing. As E! notes, Cruz’s younger sister, Monica Cruz, is also pregnant right now, so at least the actress will have someone to talk babies with. The two should be sort-of similarly far along, and I’m thinking a joint baby shower would be a killer idea. While the news outlet determined how far along the actress is in her pregnancy, the NY Post first reported the news.

Cruz and Bardem got together in 2007 and were married in July of 2010. Just a few months later, their son, Leo, was born. Pop Blend will let you know if and when other baby details emerge.

Jessica Rawden
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