Rare Star Trek Phaser Sells For $231,000 At Auction

If you’ve ever watched episodes of Pawn Stars, by now you should know that Star Trek stuff is highly collectible and can be worth good money. A recent Julien’s auction proved this same fact when it put a one-of-a-kind phaser rifle up for grabs. The weird-looking prop ended up bringing in $231,000 at auction.

The history of the item is pretty unique. The phaser was created for William Shatner to use during the second pilot shot for the original Star Trek series. The prop was created by a toy designer named Reuben Klamer, who smartly claimed toy licensing rights in exchange for making the prop. Even though it was created for a pilot, it eventually appeared in the third episode of the series, airing on September 22, 1966. It would later be replaced by the more stylish and more well-known handgun phasers used on the show.

The phaser is huge and cumbersome, and it’s no surprise the props changed to a more aesthetically appealing gun fairly early in the game. However, because there is only one prop of its kind, and because it came with extras, including correspondences and original photos, the phaser was an extremely appealing piece that was able to bring in a ton of money. According to THR, that’s the second highest price ever paid for a Star Trek item at auction. In 2008, a collector paid $304, 750 for the captain’s chair.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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