This morning on his radio show, Ryan Seacrest confirmed yesterday’s intense, f-bomb filled argument between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey during American Idol auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina, but like a true professional, he also tried to put a positive spin on what happened. While admitting the banter went “too far”, the longtime host said a little friction and some different personalities are exactly what the show needs at this point.

Here’s a look at a portion of his complete quote, courtesy of MTV
"Nicki's got a specific perspective about what's playing and hot on the chart right now. Mariah has got that iconic experience and that legend status, being one of the greatest singers alive. And, of course, Keith and Randy provide their different perspective. But, you know when you put Nicki and Mariah and Keith and Randy together that you're going to have different opinions, which is fantastic."

A little bit of disagreement is good for the show. If there’s one thing X Factor suffers from, it’s all of the judges voting the same way too often. Idol will benefit from different ideas of what’s popular this year, but there’s a big difference between arguing and screaming insults at one another. One or two blow-ups like that might be great for ratings, but five or six would start to undermine the show’s longterm credibility.

The second day of auditions in Charlotte are going on today. With so many ears to the ground, any more friction will definitely come out. If there are problems, we’ll keep you updated. If there aren’t any issues, assume the two women looked at the size of their contracts and decided playing nice was better policy.

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