Shia LaBeouf Made A Sex Tape To Win Role In Nymphomaniac

Roles are typically won via auditions or prior performances, but apparently there’s another way to do it. In order to solidify his spot in Lars Von Trier’s upcoming Nymphomaniac, Shia LaBeouf went with a very unique and extremely X-rated plan.

The actor sat down with host Chelsea Handler last night on the comedienne’s talk show to do some promo for his new film Lawless, but when the topic drifted to Nymphomaniac, he had no problem spilling all the details. Apparently, LaBeouf found out about the part, taped himself having sex with his girlfriend and sent the footage to Von Trier as a way to prove he’d be willing to have the real sex required for the film.

The plan worked, but assumedly, fucking on camera wasn’t the only way to land a role. Jamie Bell, Stellan Skarsgard, Connie Nielsen and several others have also boarded the project in recent weeks or months, and it’s unlikely all of them participated in this wild scheme. Plus, even if they wanted to, it seems even less likely all of their significant others would be okay with disrobing.

LaBeouf is quickly acquiring a reputation as a bit of a loose cannon obsessed with movies as art, but considering he’s also acquiring a reputation as a hell of an actor, it’s hard to question the transformation.

Mack Rawden
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