Earlier this week, a video of Angus T Jones bashing Two And A Half Men during a religious testimony raced around the Internet. The comments came as a shock to most fans and perhaps more importantly, to all of his fellow actors and those who have long worked with him on the show. Yesterday, he issued a half-apology for offending those he worked with, but he didn’t backtrack off his original claim that Two And A Half Men is filth he’d rather not be a part of.

Because Jones’ character is in the army, he’s not scheduled to appear in any episodes prior to the Christmas break. He’s due on set after the holidays, however, and given what he said, his first appearance could get pretty awkward. In fact, some were even speculating after his comments went viral that he might leave the show immediately rather than face the inevitable backlash.

If rumors are to be believed, he’s decided to stick it out through the rest of the season. In a way, his decision could be viewed as noble. People should live up to the contracts they sign, especially when they’ll be over in a matter of months. Viewed from another angle, though, him sticking around is kind of insulting. If he thinks he’s too good for the show, it’s kind of frustrating that he’s still collecting a $350,000 check.

What do you think is the right choice? Should Angus T Jones leave Two And A Half Men immediately, or should he see the season through? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Should Angus Quit The Show?

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