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Steve Martin and his wife Anne Stringfield have never gone about their lives the expected way. A little less than six years ago, they invited a large group of friends over for a party and surprised practically everyone in attendance by getting married. Now, word has leaked out that the couple are actually parents and kept the joyful title a secret for months.

The news first broke earlier today in The New York Post. Apparently, Martin, 67, and Stringfield, 41, put a whole lot of effort into trying to become parents for the first time, and eventually, that hard work was rewarded in the form of this child. As for specific details, however, there are none. The couple are staying completely mum on the sex of the kid, on his or her exact birthday, on whether or not the kid is sleeping through the night and on all of the other details people normally talk about when they welcome a new member of the family into the fold.

Martin has always been an intensely private celebrity, and to this point, he’s always said playing a father in movies was enough for him. Obviously, that opinion eventually changed, and Pop Blend couldn’t be happier for him. Our sincerest congratulations go out to him and Stringfield as they embark on this completely new phase of their lives. Here’s to hoping, despite all the trials of parenthood, that it’s every bit as fulfilling as they’d hoped.