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Nick Stahl’s estranged wife hasn’t seen the Terminator 3 star since May 9th, and given his documented history of drug problems, she’s really concerned something might be wrong. On Monday, she headed down to a Los Angeles Police Department precinct to file a missing person’s report, but thus far, there’s been no luck in tracking down the thirty-two-year-old father.

According to TMZ, prior to the disappearance, Stahl made frequent trips to Los Angeles’ Skid Row, presumably to score drugs. Those closest to him reportedly think this may have put him into contact with some shady people, and they’re very concerned about what may have happened or is happening.

The warning signs of an out-of-control life have been there for awhile, but the past few months, the spiral has seemed to head further downhill. Stahl’s wife had his visitation with their daughter Marlo cut to eight supervised hours a week, and she demanded drug tests prior to each visit. There was also an arrest over an unpaid cab fare and unconfirmed rumors of unreliable behavior.

When clean and sober, Stahl has long proven to be a wonderful actor. In addition to Terminator 3, he’s also appeared in Sin City, Bully, The Thin Red Line and dozens more. He belongs in front of the camera. Hopefully, he’ll get that chance again.

Pop Blend’s thoughts go out to Stahl’s estrange wife, his daughter and the rest of his family and friends. Life is too short to spend it missing from the lives of those you love.

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