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There might be hundreds of people at every taping of The Price Is Right, but really, only a few dozen actually have a chance to make it on stage. Producers always try to search for the most vibrant, charismatic people in order to make the show exciting, and apparently, they’re even better at spotting star power than I thought.

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday to chit-chat with Jay Leno about his hit AMC show, but after a surprise clip, the conversation wound up going in a far more hilarious direction. Like most actors who follow their dreams to Hollywood, it took Paul awhile to make it. So, with all that free time, he and his buddies decided to take in a taping of The Price Is Right, and he was picked to come on down. You can take a look at the footage below…

He looks so young. Then again, getting called on down seems to make people look five-to-ten years younger. I think it’s all the exuberance and excitement that comes with randomly getting picked to be on television. It would bring a smile to even the biggest curmudgeon’s face.

Good for Aaron Paul for genuinely smiling about his moment more than a decade later. Too many celebrities are embarrassed about their pasts. It’s nice to know he still has happy memories of a life before everyone knew his name.

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