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Halloween enthusiasts have a lot of different objectives when they figure out what costume to make/ buy. There are some who want to look as sexy as possible. There are others who want to be as clever as possible. Still more like to be as topical/ referential as possible. The guy in this video, however, seems to have a different goal. He turned something that doesn’t seem like it could be a costume into one of the most visually fascinating and inventive get-ups ever created.

As you can see from the above footage, the dude was able to recreate not a Disney character but all of the Disneyland Theme Park and place it on his shoulders. It was an extremely time-intensive process filled with a lot of measuring, designing and building, but the end result really nails it. Any Disney enthusiasts would likely be able to peg it the second they spot the Matterhorn or Space Mountain or the Indiana Jones Temple.

Between all of the princesses and all of the Pixar characters, there’s a good chance there are more Disney-inspired Halloween costumes than any other genre each year. Consequently, it’s particularly impressive that someone was able to come up with something wholly unique and push the Disney theme into an entirely different direction.

If you feel like continuing the Disney momentum, I’ve gone ahead and embedded a medley of classic songs below…

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