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Some stores are really fussy about accepting expired coupons, but apparently, there’s at least one Pizza Hut out there willing to float with the ooze. Comedy group Pause The 90s recently outfitted one of its operatives in hilarious, overly flashy 90s clothes and sent him inside the popular pizza chain with an unopened VHS copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It promised radical Pizza Hut coupons inside, and when opened, it delivered.

The expiration date fell all the way back in 1991, but the manager decided to honor the tubular buy one specialty, get one medium one-topping for free. You can check out the sweet footage below….

There were two different ways the dude in this video could have approached this. He could have either acted like he just picked up a brand new copy of Ninja Turtles and refused to acknowledge the twenty year time lag, or he could have been relatively forward that this was a joke. He took the latter, safer play. The former approach could have been hysterical. With the wrong manager and wrong reactions, however, it could have just been frustrating and annoying. Considering he probably didn’t have extra unopened VHS copies of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sitting around, he probably made the right choice.

Pause The 90s is planning to deliver new videos like this way every Saturday. Here’s to hoping the next entries are as amusing as this one.

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