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Seeing random famous people is always a nice little perk to attending a sporting event. Watching said celebrities come down out of the crowd and participate can range from off-putting to awesome. Luckily for Samuel L Jackson, he usually pulls off whatever nonsense he tries. The sixty-three year old actor was on hand for the Hornets and Clippers game last night, and he hit the court during the pregame to introduce the starting line-ups for both teams.

With an ease and confidence, he rattled through the Clippers line-up, hitting a high point by describing Chris Paul as “was number one in your hearts, still number three on your programs”. Had he continued with the Hornets’ players the same way, I’m sure fans would have been pleased, but as a bonus, he decided to use his famous Pulp Fiction dialogue to instill fear and pain into the opposing team. Take a watch below…

Almost twenty years later, that speech is still fresh brilliance. I love it. Apparently, the players did too. Despite entering the game with four wins and twenty loses at home, the Hornets, obviously fueled by Jackson’s words, beat the superior Clippers by seven points. Coincidence? I highly doubt it.

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