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Best PS4 Headsets

Beexcellent PS4 Gaming Headset

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Beexcellent's PS4 gaming headset not only looks sharp but sounds sharp too. This set features a pair of 40mm neodymium magnet drivers that give you directional audio and bumping stereo bass like a surround sound system. In short, the Beexcellent will give you a tactical advantage in matches by picking up on enemy footsteps and other audio details. This headset's over the ear design not only gives you fully immersive sound but is super comfortable with breathable ear pads and a fully adjustable headband.

Covering the other end of this headset is its handy noise cancellation mic, with 120 degrees of motion, and one key mute so you can focus more on the game instead of diving into settings. But overall, just topping the entire of the Beexcellent headset is its sharp looking design. We especially love its slick blue light accents and black color scheme. All in all, Beexcellent has produced a good quality headset that not only looks and performs like a professional rig, but is also accessible to any and all gamers.

Key Features

  • 40mm neodymium magnet drivers with directional audio
  • Flashy blue light accents
  • Super comfortable over the ear design with breathable ear pads

PlayStation Gold Wireless Headset

Best Wireless Headset
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Though not as flashy as the set from Beexcellent, this headset from Sony is just as high performing as the rest of the pack. If anyone were to make a great headset for the PS4 it would certainly have to be Sony. Though the only wireless headset on this list, the Sony Gold doesn't skimp on audio quality or performance. In fact, thanks to its robust 7.1 channel audio, using these Sony headphones is a bit like having an entire surround sound wrapped around your head. Whispers will stand out more while explosions will crackle and boom even louder thanks to Sony's expertise in audio.

Being Sony headphones, you can download the Sony Headset Companion App for access to custom audio modes developed exclusively by Playstation developers. These custom audio modes enhance the audio in all of your favorite games and help bring out the best performance from your console and headset. We especially like these Sony's sleek minimalistic design thanks to its built-in microphone.

Though this headset doesn't have the cool LED lights or accents, it is a simple yet stylish design that everyone can agree on and comes in multiple colors.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable, long lasting battery
  • Wireless connection
  • 7.1 channel surround sound audio

ALWUP A9 PS4 Gaming Headset

Less Fatigue Design
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The ALWUP A9 is a fine alternative to any of the headsets on this list. It carries many of the same features as the competition like 50 mm neodymium drivers and a sound isolating mic, but what the A9 puts a paramount on is comfortability. Just take a look at its super deep memory foam ear pads and ventilated surfaces. The A9 ensures to give users a cozy experience that won't leave them fatigued after hours of gaming. It's lightweight, durable, and rests sturdily on the head. There is even a refined suspension system in the headband that reduces tension will still stay secure to the user.

This A9 also comes with a generous 4 ft cord, has on-cable controls, and a 360 degree flexible mic. When it comes to performance, the ALWUP A9 is a solid performer that doesn't stray too far from the competition, but is a leader when it comes to giving gamers an accessible and comfortable product.

Key Features

  • Noise-cancelling Omni Mic
  • Super deep memory foam ear pads
  • Four foot cord included

RUNMUS Gaming Headset

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With its 50 mm drivers and noise-cancelling mic, the RUNMUS Gaming Headset is a rig that aims to give you the clearest chat feedback and most awe-inspiring audio. It's honestly like having a 7.1 channel sound system wrapped around your head, and trust us, the RUNMUS is certainly a lot comfier than that sounds.

This headset is made from premium lightweight materials for longer gaming sessions without the fatigue. Ergonomically shaped, the retractable headband and breathable ear pads will put you at ease even in the heat of battle when the bullets start to fly in PUBG. Thanks to the 7.1 system's clarity you can technically hear your enemies before you see them. Talk about a tactical edge.

Backing up the solid sound quality and comfy design is the RUNMUS's super clear mic which will keep you connected with teammates when it matters most.

All in all, RUNMUS offers gamers a solid setup that can stand toe to toe with even the most professional quality headsets.

Key Features

  • Available in red or blue
  • 7.1 channel surround sound quality
  • Modern LED accents

For those who are new to gaming, buying a new headset can seem a bit daunting. It's kind of like buying a completely new sound system, but just exclusive to you. With that in mind it's important to be well-informed, which is why we've prepared this easy list of terms and definitions to make the best choice.

7.1 Channel Sound

This is the ratio used to explain audio system formats. For example the seven means seven audio channels or speakers, while the one refers to the one subwoofer used in the system. Though a headset does not have seven speakers and a subwoofer built-in, within this context the channel designation explains how the headset's audio would be the equivalent to a 7.1 channel surround system––seven points of directional audio and one source of bass, all in one. Pretty impressive for a gaming headset.

2.4G Wireless Connection

2.4G is the radio frequency of the headset's wireless connection. There are two kinds of connections when it comes wireless headsets: 2.4G and 5G.

2.4G is currently the most common and has proven to be a very reliable frequency that ensures good connection and range. While the 5G provides faster connections to a smaller area, for the function of a gaming headset, 2.4G is more than an even match.

In-line Audio Controls

In-line audio controls are the handy buttons you can find on the cord of your headphones. For a gaming headset, in-line controls will include volume and mute buttons.


Drivers are the speakers located on the sides of your headphones. As the name suggests, they drive audio into your ear canals. In general, the larger the driver diameter, the greater the sound quality and volume.