Dark City

You don't remember when the sun disappeared. Didn't you just see it yesterday? Or was it a month ago? Maybe you should leave the city, go to the country and get some sun, but you don't remember how to get out of the city, have you ever been out?

Each night at midnight, everything in the city grinds to a halt, people fall unconscious, cars stop, lights freeze, it is as though time has stopped. Then the Strangers emerge, and they change things. And when you awaken, you are someone else, with a different life, and different memories, and you remember nothing from the day before. You are in Dark City.

But tonight something is different. Tonight when the clock struck midnight, someone has stayed awake. His name (today) is John Murdock, and he is seeking answers. The answers he seeks are not things he really wants to know, things that could endanger the Strangers, and perhaps learn the truth about Dark City.

Dark City is what a sci-fi movie should be. Provocative, intelligent, gripping, and visually stunning, even the Matrix (with which Dark City shares some similarities) cannot compare to the gripping mysteries of Dark City.

With an impressive cast of true actors like Kiefer Sutherland, William Hurt, and Richard O'Brien, Dark City is one of the best, and most under watched movies of all time. Most have not even heard of Dark City, let alone seen it. But this isn't some low budget, hack script, sci-fi movie that went straight to video. Dark City is a polished, visually beautiful, perfectly crafted Science Fiction masterpiece.

If you haven't seen Dark City, you owe it to yourself to go out and rent it immediately. If you have a DVD player, make sure you buy it on DVD and watch it on the biggest TV you can find. You don't want to miss a single pixel of this film.